• Marketing for Growth: Driving Business and Increasing Revenue

    At McMahon Consulting, we do the things for our clients that will drive revenue and grow their business. Defining a go-to-market strategy and implementing these plans help us all stay on track and keep the goal in sight. It’s marketing for growth!

  • Holistic Approach to Marketing

    What does this mean?
    • Messaging aligns with your strengths
    • Marketing activities interact and build upon each other
    • Understanding your customer’s business issues and producing content that demonstrates results will deliver success
  • B2B Marketing for Technology Companies

    Go-to-market strategies and customer-focused messaging and programs

    Focused on high performance business computing, data center, enterprise technical computing, cloud, big data, storage, software, services, and technical products.

  • Head Shot

  • Why McMahon Consulting? Simply: Because we know marketing – and we speak geek!

    • We specialize in technical computing and are proud to say that we can talk to any technical person on even the most complex issue and find the business value in what they are doing.
    • Our differentiation is a combination of corporate and startup experience, sales background with a history of exceeding objectives, and years in the high performance computing industry.
    • We help you understand your unique and differentiated value which translates into engaging prospects and driving revenue.