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  • Tsinghua Crowned Eight-Time Student Cluster Champions at ISC

    This blog was originally published in HPCwire. Always a hard-fought competition, the Student Cluster Competition awards were announced Wednesday, June 21, at the ISC High Performance Conference 2017. Amid whoops and hollers from the crowd, Thomas Sterling presented the award to the team with the best overall score, Tsinghua University. Sponsored by Inspur and using Nvidia graphics processors, Tsinghua was also one of the three teams who had a perfect score for the deep learning part of the competition. The team is a force to be reckoned with. They are the only team to achieve a “triple crown” victory by winning competitions at ISC, SC, and ASC. They’ve won eight championships in total and […]

  • 10 Things Not to Miss at ISC 2017 in Frankfurt

    This blog was originally published on InsideHPC. It’s June, so it must be Frankfurt and the ISC High Performance conference. As I have done for every ISC and SC for the past four years, here is my list of the Top 10 things I’m looking forward to as the week begins at ISC. Now, where to start…? 1. ISC Steering Committee and Diversity Chair for ISC18 ISC has named me the Diversity Chair for ISC18. With this comes a position on the Steering Committee. While this is really cool in and of itself, I am very excited about the industry luminaries, experts, and innovators that I’ll get to meet and […]

  • PRACEdays 2017 Wraps Up in Barcelona

      This article first appeared on HPCwire Barcelona has been absolutely lovely; the weather, the food, the people. I am, sadly, finishing my last day at PRACEdays 2017 with two sessions: An in-depth look at the oil and gas industry’s use of HPC and a panel discussion on bridging the gap between scientific code development and exascale technology. Henri Calandra of Total SA spoke on the challenges of increased HPC complexity and value delivery for the O&G Industry. The main challenge Total and other oil and gas companies are finding is that discoveries of oil deposits are becoming more rare. To stay competitive, they need to first and foremost open […]

  • PRACEdays 2017: The start of a beautiful week in Barcelona

    This article first appeared on HPCwire I arrived in beautiful Barcelona on Saturday afternoon. It is warm, sunny, and oh so Spanish. I am greeted at my hotel with a glass of Cava to sip while I have a tour of the historic hotel. A short rest, walk around Barcelona, and a little bit of work until dinner at 8pm. It’s Tuesday and off to PRACEdays 2017, part of the European Summit Week. Tuesday starts with a welcome by Sergi Girona, EXDCI Co-ordinator, and Serge Bogaerts, Managing Director of PRACE aisbl, outlining the week of plenaries, keynotes, breakout sessions, BoFs, and poster sessions. There will be a lot to see […]

  • STEM: Keeping the Interest

    This blog was published by InsideHPC as a special guest feature. You may have seen articles on the anticipated shortfall of engineers, computer scientists, and technology designers to fill open jobs. Numbers from the Report to the President in 2012 (President Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology) show a shortfall of one million available workers to fill STEM-related jobs by 2020. This is just in the US — Europe is also projecting a similar gap between available jobs and suitable candidates. STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It’s a career set that can cross the wide range of HPC applications, such as designing devices, modeling physics, detecting dark […]

  • The White House Budget Blueprint’s Effect on HPC: How to Gain Market Share in an Uncertain Market

      March 21, 2017 Last week was a busy week for the U.S. White House. One of the items they accomplished was releasing their Budget Blueprint. Any time the White House releases budget guidance, our clients in HPC get a little nervous. Budget guidance from the White House typically affects academic researchers as well as various governmental agencies. Commercial vendors wonder how the news will affect spending by their customers and prospects. I spent a lot of time learning about the Budget Blueprint. Full disclosure: I didn’t read the entire budget. I read multiple articles written by people who are experienced in reading these types of documents and summarizing their […]

  • Women, STEM and the F-Word: Are you a feminist?

    Credit: Darapti via Wikimedia Commons Women, STEM and the F-Word: Are you a feminist? Written by Athina Frantzana and first published on the University of Edinburgh Science magazine website.  Attending the EQUATE Scotland event about Women in STEM and Feminism on 4th November was the perfect way to end a work week in my notoriously male-dominated STEM field. It was a fun and informative evening full of ideas and concerns about women’s (and men’s) views on feminism and women’s position in STEM. The event took place in the beautiful Playfair library at the Old College –  arguably ironic to talk about gender equality and feminism in a room full of famous male […]

  • Post SC16: Top 10 Things in Retrospect

    Post SC16: Top 10 Things in Retrospect My post-SC blog is here! I wanted to share my thoughts and impressions of SC16, what I found interesting, and give you an opportunity to share your thoughts. I wrote a Top 10 of what I was looking forward to, prior to the show. You can see that blog here: 1. The Student Cluster Competition. The Student Cluster Competition did not disappoint! There was a power failure, which required the teams to do a checkpoint. I think the teams knew the power failure was coming – not sure if they knew WHEN it would happen, but they didn’t seem rattled by it. Or […]

  • Secrets, lies, women and money: the definitive summary of SC16 – Part 2

    Secrets, lies, women and money: the definitive summary of SC16 – Part 2 This blog was originally published at I’m usually not shy of speaking my opinions (if you read Part 1 of my summary of SC16, then you’ll know that marketing departments through the land of HPC are busy taking my name off their Christmas card lists 😀), but this Part 2 blog is probably sticking my neck out even further than normal, with some potentially uncomfortable opinions. SC is arguably the main event of the year for the HPC/supercomputing community. And so it becomes an annual cauldron, relentlessly bubbling to the surface those issues that are most […]

  • Secrets, lies, women and money: the definitive summary of SC16 – Part 1

    Secrets, lies, women and money: the definitive summary of SC16 – Part 1 This blog was originally published at Just over a week ago 11,000 people were making their way home from the biggest supercomputing event of the year – SC16 in Salt Lake City. With so much going on at SC, even those who were there in person likely still missed a huge proportion of what happened. It’s simply too busy to keep up with all the news during the week, too many events/talks/meetings happening in parallel, and much of the interesting stuff only gets talked about behind closed doors or through informal networking. There were even a […]