• Child Care at SC17 – a big deal and benefit to attendees.

    Deadline to sign up: 20-October 2017 This article originally published in HPCwire. I’ve been thinking about this child care thing – on a couple of different fronts. First, if you are working parent who would like to come to the conference but can’t because of lack of help taking care of your child, it’s a huge deal. But there’s a non-trivial ripple effect to this benefit because the HPC community as a whole is richer for the greater participation that might otherwise be lost. I’m also thinking about how to get the word out. The SC team has written some about this, but this is such an important topic that […]

  • Without Marketing, you are just another company with an idea

    I just finished up another meeting with a client. They engaged me to document their messaging and create a marketing plan for a new product. This product is very different than the products and solutions they have been offering; it’s in a different market, it has a totally different sales cycle, and it has competition. The frustration I have is they don’t want to do any marketing – they are going to continue with their sales strategy to get that first sale. Once they get that first sale, then maybe marketing. Collaborating with a colleague, we came up with this quote and I truly believe it. If you don’t spend […]

  • Tsinghua Crowned Eight-Time Student Cluster Champions at ISC

    This blog was originally published in HPCwire. Always a hard-fought competition, the Student Cluster Competition awards were announced Wednesday, June 21, at the ISC High Performance Conference 2017. Amid whoops and hollers from the crowd, Thomas Sterling presented the award to the team with the best overall score, Tsinghua University. Sponsored by Inspur and using Nvidia graphics processors, Tsinghua was also one of the three teams who had a perfect score for the deep learning part of the competition. The team is a force to be reckoned with. They are the only team to achieve a “triple crown” victory by winning competitions at ISC, SC, and ASC. They’ve won eight championships in total and […]

  • 10 Things Not to Miss at ISC 2017 in Frankfurt

    This blog was originally published on InsideHPC. It’s June, so it must be Frankfurt and the ISC High Performance conference. As I have done for every ISC and SC for the past four years, here is my list of the Top 10 things I’m looking forward to as the week begins at ISC. Now, where to start…? 1. ISC Steering Committee and Diversity Chair for ISC18 ISC has named me the Diversity Chair for ISC18. With this comes a position on the Steering Committee. While this is really cool in and of itself, I am very excited about the industry luminaries, experts, and innovators that I’ll get to meet and […]

  • PRACEdays 2017 Wraps Up in Barcelona

      This article first appeared on HPCwire Barcelona has been absolutely lovely; the weather, the food, the people. I am, sadly, finishing my last day at PRACEdays 2017 with two sessions: An in-depth look at the oil and gas industry’s use of HPC and a panel discussion on bridging the gap between scientific code development and exascale technology. Henri Calandra of Total SA spoke on the challenges of increased HPC complexity and value delivery for the O&G Industry. The main challenge Total and other oil and gas companies are finding is that discoveries of oil deposits are becoming more rare. To stay competitive, they need to first and foremost open […]

  • PRACEdays 2017: The start of a beautiful week in Barcelona

    This article first appeared on HPCwire I arrived in beautiful Barcelona on Saturday afternoon. It is warm, sunny, and oh so Spanish. I am greeted at my hotel with a glass of Cava to sip while I have a tour of the historic hotel. A short rest, walk around Barcelona, and a little bit of work until dinner at 8pm. It’s Tuesday and off to PRACEdays 2017, part of the European Summit Week. Tuesday starts with a welcome by Sergi Girona, EXDCI Co-ordinator, and Serge Bogaerts, Managing Director of PRACE aisbl, outlining the week of plenaries, keynotes, breakout sessions, BoFs, and poster sessions. There will be a lot to see […]

  • STEM: Keeping the Interest

    This blog was published by InsideHPC as a special guest feature. You may have seen articles on the anticipated shortfall of engineers, computer scientists, and technology designers to fill open jobs. Numbers from the Report to the President in 2012 (President Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology) show a shortfall of one million available workers to fill STEM-related jobs by 2020. This is just in the US — Europe is also projecting a similar gap between available jobs and suitable candidates. STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It’s a career set that can cross the wide range of HPC applications, such as designing devices, modeling physics, detecting dark […]

  • The White House Budget Blueprint’s Effect on HPC: How to Gain Market Share in an Uncertain Market

      March 21, 2017 Last week was a busy week for the U.S. White House. One of the items they accomplished was releasing their Budget Blueprint. Any time the White House releases budget guidance, our clients in HPC get a little nervous. Budget guidance from the White House typically affects academic researchers as well as various governmental agencies. Commercial vendors wonder how the news will affect spending by their customers and prospects. I spent a lot of time learning about the Budget Blueprint. Full disclosure: I didn’t read the entire budget. I read multiple articles written by people who are experienced in reading these types of documents and summarizing their […]

  • Women, STEM and the F-Word: Are you a feminist?

    Credit: Darapti via Wikimedia Commons Women, STEM and the F-Word: Are you a feminist? Written by Athina Frantzana and first published on the University of Edinburgh Science magazine website.  Attending the EQUATE Scotland event about Women in STEM and Feminism on 4th November was the perfect way to end a work week in my notoriously male-dominated STEM field. It was a fun and informative evening full of ideas and concerns about women’s (and men’s) views on feminism and women’s position in STEM. The event took place in the beautiful Playfair library at the Old College –  arguably ironic to talk about gender equality and feminism in a room full of famous male […]

  • Post SC16: Top 10 Things in Retrospect

    Post SC16: Top 10 Things in Retrospect My post-SC blog is here! I wanted to share my thoughts and impressions of SC16, what I found interesting, and give you an opportunity to share your thoughts. I wrote a Top 10 of what I was looking forward to, prior to the show. You can see that blog here: 1. The Student Cluster Competition. The Student Cluster Competition did not disappoint! There was a power failure, which required the teams to do a checkpoint. I think the teams knew the power failure was coming – not sure if they knew WHEN it would happen, but they didn’t seem rattled by it. Or […]

  • Secrets, lies, women and money: the definitive summary of SC16 – Part 2

    Secrets, lies, women and money: the definitive summary of SC16 – Part 2 This blog was originally published at I’m usually not shy of speaking my opinions (if you read Part 1 of my summary of SC16, then you’ll know that marketing departments through the land of HPC are busy taking my name off their Christmas card lists 😀), but this Part 2 blog is probably sticking my neck out even further than normal, with some potentially uncomfortable opinions. SC is arguably the main event of the year for the HPC/supercomputing community. And so it becomes an annual cauldron, relentlessly bubbling to the surface those issues that are most […]

  • Secrets, lies, women and money: the definitive summary of SC16 – Part 1

    Secrets, lies, women and money: the definitive summary of SC16 – Part 1 This blog was originally published at Just over a week ago 11,000 people were making their way home from the biggest supercomputing event of the year – SC16 in Salt Lake City. With so much going on at SC, even those who were there in person likely still missed a huge proportion of what happened. It’s simply too busy to keep up with all the news during the week, too many events/talks/meetings happening in parallel, and much of the interesting stuff only gets talked about behind closed doors or through informal networking. There were even a […]

  • Top 10 Things to Love About HPC and the SC Conference

    Top 10 Things to Love About HPC and the SC Conference SC is next week – the largest HPC tradeshow of the year. My favorite time of the year and time for me to share with you my top 10 things I love about HPC and the SC conference, SC16 edition. 1. The Energy. Whether you know all there is to know about HPC, are brand new to the industry and/or technologies, or fall somewhere in between there’s one thing that connects us all when we first walk onto the exhibit floor: The energy we feel. And with the plethora of vendor booths (351 of them at the time of […]

  • The World Turned Upside Down

    The World Turned Upside Down Written by Brian E. Whitaker Did the world turn upside down? After all, this morning, we’ve been shocked, elated, terrorized, and thrilled – depending on our political persuasions. The world woke up and heard that a former reality TV show host and mediocre real estate developer, Donald Trump, is, in the United States, our new President-Elect. Shocked yet? Let’s face facts. An admitted political newcomer, an opportunist, someone who can’t seem to stay on task for more than a few minutes — can soon launch the world’s largest nuclear arsenal or meddle with one of the largest economies. If you live outside the U.S., you’re […]

  • SC16: Taking Diversity and Inclusivity Seriously

    The SC Conference continues to change and improve to provide a better experience for the conference attendees. Diversity has always been important to the conference and this year they have taken their actions further with the creation of the Diverse HPC Workforce committee. I had the opportunity to interview John West, SC16 chair, and Trish Damkroger, chair of the Diverse HPC Workforce committee, to ask them about their respective roles and what motivates them to volunteer for this effort. This blog was originally published in HPCwire. Why do you see diversity an important initiative for SC16? John West: I am an engineer. I put on my math and engineering hat to analyze […]

  • Diversity and Inclusivity Efforts at SC16

    Diversity and Inclusivity Efforts at SC16 SC16 has embraced diversity with this year’s conference by stepping up and stating: “Diversity and inclusivity is important to SC16.” I joined the Diverse HPC Workforce committee (Diversity Committee) earlier this year as the communications lead to help shape the message and get this message out to the SC audience. I have really enjoyed this effort, and I want to share what the committee is doing. The key components of the SC16 effort to diversify the HPC community are providing opportunities to underrepresented groups as well as educating the community on the benefits of improving diversity. I had a conversation with John West, SC16 […]

  • Event Marketing Part 2: Vendor Booth Tips

    Event Marketing Part 2: Vendor Booth Tips There isn’t an exact blueprint to successful exhibiting; however, attracting potential customers isn’t as hard as you may think. For first time vendors or as a refresher for those who exhibit regularly, we have documented our thoughts and experience on vendor booth tips that specifically cover what to prepare one month prior to your event. Following these tips will help ensure that your booth is a busy hub of activity! Your Booth: What’s Inside The Basics: Carpet, Tablecloth, Furniture and Electricity Check with the event promoter on the following items: Will the event be in a conference center and already carpeted, or do […]

  • COMING SOON! LinkedIn’s New Company Page Template

    COMING SOON! LinkedIn’s New Company Page Template Keeping up with social media innovations can be about as challenging as keeping up with … a pair of labrador retrievers. Doesn’t it seem that, just when you have your company’s social media profiles looking top-notch, the game changes? I’m sure we’re all for improvements that keep social media moving upward, but wouldn’t it be nice to get a heads up on the changes that are coming down the pipeline and to be offered some useful tips on how to prepare for those upcoming changes? Well, that’s what I’m here to talk to you about in today’s blog. Less than 2 weeks ago, […]

  • Are you ready for winter? How the bears are preparing and how you should, too.

    Are you ready for winter? How the bears are preparing and how you should, too. This photo and the YouTube video were taken from a safe distance (inside the house). The bears have been in my yard (one of them is shown above)… and the fox, moose, and deer. Oh, and there are birds and squirrels. How do I know? The squirrels are high up in the Pine trees chewing off  pine cones – thump, thump they fall to the ground. Then, they grab the pine cones and stash them in the corner of my garden. The dogs’ noses are on high alert. They go out in the yard with their noses to […]

  • Social Media Marketing for B2B Companies… Yes, your company really can benefit

    Social Media Marketing for B2B Companies… Yes, your company really can benefit Tweeting, pinning, posting, and sharing – these were not marketing terms 10 years ago. In the whirlwind of social media, how can anyone keep up with best practices? Let’s start with your personal life. Maybe in your downtime you follow friends on Facebook to stay in touch, or perhaps you enjoy skimming Pinterest posts for inspiration. Although Facebook continues to lead the pack in popularity for our personal lives, does the same apply in the business world? It’s important to note that the same social media marketing efforts that are successful for Business-to-Consumer (B2C) might not be as […]

  • Event Marketing Part 1: Checklist for your upcoming event

    Event Marketing Part 1: Checklist for your upcoming event SC16 is right around the corner. Can you believe it’s just 7 weeks away?! Our HPC, Enterprise Technical Computing, Research, University, and Organization customers have us quite busy with their event marketing and preparing for SC16. This spring, we shared our Musing (Blog) about how to market your company for an upcoming event, Don’t Just Show Up – Engage!. To help get you ready for your industry’s next big event, we would like to highlight some bite-size pointers in a four-part, #JustStartToday series to cover what to do 2 months prior to an event, 1 month prior, during the event, and […]

  • Tips on Execution of Better Email Campaigns

    Tips on Execution of Better Email Campaigns Emails! We all get so many of them! They are a part of our lives. So much so that, for many of us, the first thing we do in the morning is scroll through our inboxes looking for the emails that we want to read. As I scroll through my inbox, I’m looking at who the emails are from and the subject line. Then, I scan the first couple of sentences in the email to quickly make a decision on how much time I should spend on it in its entirety. Is it an email requiring action on my part? Is it an […]

  • September, Labor Day, and Branding: What does this all mean?

    September, Labor Day, and Branding: What does this all mean? What does Labor Day mean to you? To me – besides the obvious shoutout to American workers for their contributions and achievements – it means the end of summer and that snow is just around the corner. People are back from vacation – it’s back to work for adults and back to school for kids. It’s also the kickoff to what I (lovingly) call Supercomputing season: the lead up to the annual SC conference. From a personal and visual perspective, it’s the changing of the Aspen leaves and watching the Rocky Mountains put on their snowcaps. Soon, the snow will […]

  • The Times, They Are A-Changin’

    The Times, They Are A-Changin’ In this special blog post, Kim and Brian Whitaker from ZB Content teamed. Enjoy! Coming off ISC16 and preparing for SC16, those of us in HPC take stock of our industry. After the rush to release something meaningful at ISC, it’s time to take a breath and measure the progress everyone around us has made in the past year – since SC15, leading up to ISC16, and onto SC16. The industry is always changing, but this year, it seems like the rate of change has accelerated. HPC is going beyond traditional workloads, use cases, and even technologies. HPC in the cloud is a real thing. […]

  • Top 10 Things I Liked About ISC16

    Top 10 Things I Liked About ISC16 My expected and not-to-be-missed Top 10 for ISC High Performance – better late than never. I hope this look back reminds you of your ISC experience and puts a smile on your face! 1: The Energy From the moment I walked onto the show floor, I could feel the energy, the excitement – ISC16 was here! The booths were filled with enthusiastic people ready to share all of their new technologies with the inquisitive attendees making their way through the aisles. 2: Networking It’s such an important part of any event, and the opportunities to network at ISC did not disappoint! The melting […]

  • Don’t Just Show Up – Engage! #JustStartToday

    Don’t Just Show Up – Engage! #JustStartToday You have registered for the trade show or conference. Maybe you have a booth. You’ve done your signage and have your business cards printed. After all, the top companies and brightest minds in their industry will be present to ensure qualified participants. You are ready, right? No, – not right. The potential new clients will not seek you out just because you showed up and put some signage in your booth. There are many awareness activities that occur around the trade show time; taking advantage of these options will ensure you see a greater return on your trade show investment. About 80% of […]

  • The Importance of Marketing Strategy and Messaging

    The Importance of Marketing Strategy and Messaging Outside of a company’s product or service, the number one most important primary call-to-action elements for success are establishing marketing goals and messaging. This strategic step establishes the building blocks that lead to revenue, branding, and competitive edge. In this blog, I will give you and your team some things to think about so you can #JustStartToday with your strategy and messaging to move forward with success. 1. What are your company’s goals? Having this discussion between you and your team will force you to articulate the goals of your organization and what you are trying to accomplish. Based on these results, you […]

  • #JustStartToday: Twitter Quick Starts

    #JustStartToday: Twitter Quick Starts Twitter – The “Micro Blog” platform. With Twitter, you can easily share, post updates, and let your personality show. I find Twitter to be more personal and a platform to develop social media ‘friendships’. Why use Twitter? – It’s used by both businesses and people to share content and build your brand. In this blog, we’ll talk about the maintenance of your existing Twitter account. Following these five steps below, you will easily #JustStartToday. Number 1 Tools:  Use a tool to manage your Twitter activity. A tool helps you manage your content, schedule your tweets, and interactions and engagements. It’s much easier using a tool than […]

  • #JustStartToday: Fast and Easy Sharing on LinkedIn

    #JustStartToday: Fast and Easy Sharing on LinkedIn LinkedIn is such a powerful tool for business that it simply cannot be ignored. This is the platform where you can get your morning news, learn more about your industry, or keep up with your current and past colleagues. LinkedIn is also a platform to share your knowledge and engage with your connections. This helps you build your brand as someone who has knowledge and expertise in a certain area. There is no need to “plan” your LinkedIn activities. In this blog, I will give you some tips and tools to #JustStartToday with sharing content and engaging your audience. Number 1 Start your […]

  • Do you “Resolution”? Instead #JustStartToday

    Do you “Resolution”? Instead #JustStartToday The turn to the New Year prompts a common practice of making a resolution for the upcoming year.  A common topic this time of year – “What is your New Years Resolution?” My answer – “NONE”. It’s not because I’m not driven or have a lack of imagination. I just don’t do resolutions when the calendar changes one or two numbers in the year. I don’t believe that a change in the calendar is something to wait for in order to start something new in my life. I did a quick Google search this morning on “do you do New Years resolutions”. Eight of the […]

  • Supercomputing 15 Recap and the Top 10 (err) 11 Reasons Why We Love HPC and the SC Conference

    Supercomputing 15 Recap and the Top 10 (err) 11 Reasons Why We Love HPC and the SC Conference We are all home from Austin, likely catching up on our sleep, but also still have a lingering of that happy glow from a good week. Below are the Top 10 things I liked best about the SC15 conference. Take a read and let me know what your Top 10 (or 1 or 2) things were! Student Cluster Competition: Team Diablo from Tsinghua University in China took the top prize. This was their third win after winning at ISC15 and Asia Supercomputing Community Student Conference. Come on – students getting excited about […]

  • Off to Supercomputing 15 and the Top 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To

    Off to Supercomputing 15 and the Top 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To Here we are again, finalizing our plans before we all take off for Austin. The Supercomputing show is one of my favorite shows of the year. In the tradition I started last year, here are the Top 10 things I am looking forward to as I spend my week in Austin. As for the Top 10 Things I like Best about SC15 – you’ll have to wait until Friday! StartupHPC: They did a workshop at SC14 in New Orleans and are continuing the tradition at SC15 with their workshop on Monday. This group is on a mission […]

  • Social Media Sharing Best Practices: Be Mindful and Patient!

    Social Media Sharing Best Practices: Be Mindful and Patient! Every once in a while, actually almost daily, there is story that hits social media that strikes a chord with many people and the jump-on-the-social-media-bandwagon starts. Be careful when making your decision to jump on that bandwagon – not everything is as it seems. There is netiquette and keep it in mind. Although we do know that “not everything is as it seems”, irresponsible sharing happens over and over. A couple of weeks ago it was the Facebook Premium story. This week it was the aunt suing her nephew. Stories like this hit social media and many jump in to share […]

  • Is High Tech Marketing different than Just B2B Marketing?

    Is High Tech Marketing different than Just B2B Marketing? My specialty is marketing for high performance and technical computing companies who are selling servers, storage, networking, big data, cloud, and services. Their customers use the super-high end resources to do things like mapping the human genome or running complex, data-intensive climate models to improve forecasting and protect against disaster. The cool things my customers are doing with technology is one of the best parts of my job. So I got to thinking, is marketing to this type of customer different than marketing in other industries? I’ve decided the answer is yes. Now, before I go further into how different (and […]

  • LinkedIn: Best Practices for Connection Invitations

    LinkedIn: Best Practices for Connection Invitations The more active I am on social media, the more notice I get, and the more engagement I have. That’s the point – right? I post my Marketing Musings (blogs) on LinkedIn. I participate in LinkedIn Groups by posting content or replying to other posts. I speak at events and represent clients at many events. So, I ‘meet’ a lot of people just in my daily workday. I also get a lot of invites to connect on LinkedIn. The problem is many of my LinkedIn invites are the generic “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn”. For those of you […]

  • Content Marketing and Social Media – JUST START!

    Content Marketing and Social Media – JUST START! I listened to a very informative webinar on content marketing from Curata. They had recognized marketers talk about their strategies and experience. I use many of these strategies in my work with you, so it was (1) good to validate my thoughts from recognized experts and (2) the organization of the webinar led to taking notes to share with you! Point 1: Just Start I know its hard to get started with content marketing. And I think many of us think “content marketing” is a data sheet or a white paper, but it’s more than that. It’s every touch you have to […]

  • Top 10 Things I Liked about ISC15

    The Top 10 Things I Liked about ISC15 Hello, All! My long overdue post on the Top 10 Things I liked about IS15. Work, life, and health got in the way after the conference. I am caught up and ready to remember the good times in Frankfurt by listing my Top 10. Women in HPC Workshop on Thursday afternoon Now it’s not just because I was on one of the panels. It was a really good workshop! The technical presentations were very interesting. The lively discussion on diversity in HPC not only opened my eyes, but it also has opened up a lot of questions. I look forward to the […]

  • Off to ISC 2015! The Top 10 Things I’m Looking Forward to at ISC15

    Off to ISC 2015! The Top 10 Things I’m Looking Forward to at ISC15 I wrote a blog after SC14 titled “The Top 10 Things I Like about HPC and the SC Conference.” Continuing with that tradition, I decided to add a blog as I’m off to one of my two favorite shows of the year: the things I am looking forward to as I head to ISC15. As for the top 10 things I like best – you’ll have to wait until Friday! Germany, for one. Do I need to say more? I am an American, and anytime I get to experience a new city AND a new country […]

  • LinkedIn Profile Pictures: To do and not to do

    LinkedIn Profile Pictures: To do and not to do I look at a lot of LinkedIn profiles as I catch up on news, look at possible connections, and read LinkedIn posts. The picture you use is the first impression you have as someone looks at your profile and the ongoing impression you have with your connections. It is important to have a picture that matches you and the image you want to convey. Why? Like it or not, LinkedIn is where people go to learn about you. Whether it’s for a job opportunity, for your business, or you are part of a new team, others are going to look you […]

  • Customer Service – Yes, it’s as simple as a smile.

    Customer Service – Yes, it’s as simple as a smile. Customer service, communication, human courtesy, manners. Should they not all go hand in hand? My answer is yes! I was raised with the edict of using your manners…please, thank you, hold the door open for others. Are manners gone? I think the same is true for communication and customer service. A frustrating event happened to me which got me thinking about this blog. I was having some work done at my house, and the company never showed up. They didn’t even call to say they wouldn’t make it.  I had to initiate the phones calls to determine why the repairman […]

  • Infographics – How we read today

    Infographics – How we read today Infographics are hot, hot, hot. It is easy to find the important information, there are not a lot of words to read, and the pictures are pretty. Today’s blog is inspired by Kendra Lee’s of the KLA Group Weekly Sales Tip: “Create a one-page infographic. Reps, techs, and consultants need something eye-catching and informative that they can share with customers. Infographics are a comprehensive, well-designed visual that reinforces confidence and pride in working with you.” With the infographic trend, hundreds are being created, launched, and promoted online every day. They have the opportunity to be viral (as viral as a business infographic can be!) […]

  • Just Write…

    Just Write… Write, just a little bit, every day. Easier said than done, isn’t it? And when I say write, just a little bit, every day I’m not talking about my diary. I’m talking about my blog. I believe (and almost started this paragraph with this saying) ‘life gets in the way’. There are so many things I feel I have ‘committed’ to and the list keeps growing. So then why does something as important as my blog consistently fall to the bottom of the list? It’s easy to write because it’s on topics I know and am passionate about. I sometimes get stuck thinking of a topic, but with […]

  • How Do I Look?

    How Do I Look? Mirrors are wonderful things. Most people would think that their only function is to see their own reflection. Get up in the morning, shower, get ready for work and check your appearance in the mirror. Make sure what’s reflecting back is acceptable and presentable. Are there hairs out of place, is our tie askew or straight, was coffee dripped down a clean white shirt? All of these things we check. But there are other images that we can see in mirrors. Getting a baby to look at their reflection and get a good laugh, using a mirror to see around a blind corner, or even looking […]

  • Marketing Messaging and Steve Jobs – What do these have in common?

    Marketing Messaging and Steve Jobs – What do these have in common? I saw this Steve Jobs quote on my LinkedIn feed:  “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.” This quote really resonates with me. I work with many technology companies who developed some really exciting and game-changing products and solutions. They believe they are developing their product or solution to deliver a better customer experience, and they often do, but where they don’t succeed as best they could is talking about their product or solution in a way the customer or prospect will understand the value. That […]

  • Living Your Brand and Colors – Can I please use Pink?

    Living Your Brand and Colors – Can I please use Pink? I’ve been on a mission lately to do website updates, get nice clean presentation templates, update my business cards, and be consistent on blogging (blogging is another topic!). As I work on my outbound facing content, the colors to use are a popular topic with my team. My corporate colors are predominately purple, pink, and green. I like the colors and they mean something to me. But my team is not a fan of the pink – can you believe it??? I decided to do a little research on branding best practices, particularly pitfalls to avoid. I want to […]

  • Top 10 reasons I love HPC and the SC conference

    Top 10 reasons I love HPC and the SC conference This week is the annual supercomputing conference, this year held in New Orleans. I put together my Top 10 reasons I love the HPC industry and this show. The show is a reunion of old friends You can’t walk the show floor without seeing a friend from either years ago or one you made last year. A friend in HPC is a friend forever. But you always make new friends New people come in and we all instantly welcome them. We all have like interests and the conversations are so interesting and thought provoking! The technology new and old is […]

  • Course Corrections in Marketing – it’s ok if they happen

    Course Corrections in Marketing – it’s ok if they happen I did something today that I have only done once before; I totally messed up my travel itinerary. I’m a day off on everything. When this was brought to my attention, I had a beverage and started the phone calls to change the plans. Is this ideal, no. Did it work out, yes. Did it work out great, well actually yes. I started thinking about how this relates to marketing and marketing activities. We often start our marketing activities with the best intentions and at some point we have a trigger that lets us know we should reconsider our direction. The […]

  • #H2H: Wow, what a concept!

    #H2H: Wow, what a concept! I was in the same building as my-planned-to-be new dentist. I need an appointment. I thought, well why don’t I just walk in and talk to the human behind the counter face-to-face and ask for an appointment. Well no, that doesn’t always work. I was waiting for about 5 minutes while the person behind the counter chatted with the other person in the waiting room. When that person walked away from the counter, I thought good – I can get my appointment. The person behind the counter was then busy with some paperwork. Then the phone rang and she took the call. I walked out. […]

  • Big Data, Marketing, and the NFL Draft. Add wine and chocolate and it’s perfect!

    Big Data, Marketing, and the NFL Draft. Add wine and chocolate and it’s perfect! For those of you that know me, I am a huge football fan – to be more specific a Denver Broncos fan. I was home on Sunday, working, and wishing there were some football games on TV so I watch and work. It’s May! May! The start of summer May! Not football season, yet. Good thing for the NFL, they have activities to keep us engaged nearly all year long. Starting today is the 2014 draft! As I am always looking for Big Data and Marketing in my everyday life, here comes the NFL Draft! My […]

  • Aspen and Social Media

    Aspen and Social Media In April, I spent the weekend in Aspen celebrating the 5th wedding anniversary of my step-sister and her husband. We were with them in Aspen 5 years ago when they got married and have spent this weekend every year with them since. Spending time with them is the highlight of the trip. Then there is the snow (which is always amazing!), the food, the music – it’s just an all around great weekend. This year we brought our dog Connor. We walk, drink coffee, ski (not with Connor), walk some more, eat again, then end the evening relaxing in the hotel bar. One thing that is […]

  • Tailor Your Content for Partners? Whaaaat? Yes!

    Tailor Your Content for Partners? Whaaaat? Yes! There are many areas of marketing to enable your partner, OEM, reseller, distributor, or technology partner channel.  In this article, I’ll go into more detail on the benefits of partner-izing Content. As a reminder – the categories are: Strong Messaging Content Demand Generation Access to material Importance of relationships We all need content and collateral. You don’t need a lot of content, just the right content. Articulate your value proposition in a well-written and concise text, then produce the content needed for your web, data sheet, and other high-value collateral you use in your revenue generating activities. If you use good content to sell […]

  • Partner specific messaging – Yes! It’s fun and easy!

    Partner specific messaging – Yes! It’s fun and easy! I recently wrote a blog on partner enablement. In that blog, I covered the 4 areas of your marketing to consider as you create a partner enablement program, whether it’s an OEM, channel, reseller, distributor, or technology partner. Collectively I’ll call this group “Partners”. I added #5, but we’ll talk about that in a future blog! Strong Messaging Content Demand Generation Access to material Importance of relationships In this article I’ll go into more detail on the benefits of Strong Messaging. Strong messaging that communicates your value proposition is essential for any organization. If you don’t know where you win and why, […]

  • Partner Enablement: Sure is a lot of it lately!

    Partner Enablement: Sure is a lot of it lately! I have heard the phrase “we need help with our partner enablement” many times in the last 2 weeks. Are companies now figuring out that partners and channels are essential to revenue growth, or are there not that many good people who know how to really enable a partner and therefore it’s a skill that is lacking in organizations? I prefer the later – it makes me a more valuable resource. But in all seriousness, the answer is both. Well, maybe companies are not just figuring it out but they certainly see the value of a channel, partner, or OEM that is complimentary […]

  • The Story Will Live On: Importance of marketing strategy and messaging

    The Story Will Live On: Importance of marketing strategy and messaging You get together with friends; laughs, food, beverage, and stories ensue. Your friend reminds you of the time they go to put on their shoes and found the extra-long tongue on their beloved Converse shoes had been cut off (*read story below in footnote). We all laugh and realize these are the stories that we’ll tell years later and bring us instantly back to a point in time. Marketing and promotion at your business is a collection of stories. With the Internet, social media, and your competitors collecting information on you, you need to be ultra-aware of the stories […]

  • Holistic Marketing – Integrated Marketing Strategy and Execution

    Holistic Marketing – Integrated Marketing Strategy and Execution I talk about taking a holistic approach to marketing, but what does that really mean? It sounds all sort of green and granola-ey (which is never a bad thing, especially being in 303!) Holistic by definition is relating to or concerned with wholes or complete systems rather than the parts. Lots of marketing is an email campaign here, an event there, a pile of barely used collateral, and maybe some messaging; completing the checklist constitutes getting the job done. But in reality, the marketing is disjointed, activities do not build upon each other, resources (human and $) are not optimized, and the […]

  • Shake it Out – Challenge your Marketing Thinking

    Shake it Out – Challenge your Marketing Thinking I love the song “Shake It Out” by Florence and The Machine. It first became my favorite as a song to blast on my headphones as I move through the airport terminals. It has a great beat for walking and blocking out extraneous noise. Then I started listening, really listening, to the words – stop letting past guilt and experiences hold you back and instead look ahead. Shake It Out. This is a good personal message to live by. And then I thought (1) can I extend this to my work and (2) how do I take this learning and apply it to my […]

  • Marketing – How did I get here?!

    Marketing – How did I get here?! I have been told I’m a great marketer. I see the big picture, I know how to go-to-market, I know what is needed to execute, I know how to enable sales teams. Isn’t if funny how someone pointing out something to you that you already knew, at least in your heart, adds amazing clarity? A-ha, I get it now! I’m passionate about marketing. That in itself is odd to me. A math major in college with an accounting background who moved to sales and is now marketing. How did I get here? I’m not sure, but I like it. And I’m good at […]

  • Slow Down! Well, maybe not…

    Slow Down! Well, maybe not… I was talking with a “wriend” (my word for work-friend) yesterday. We were chatting about our work and life situation. I lamented – gee I have a lot going on. I’m in a job transition and I’m looking for a new opportunity, I am working through my hip rehab, a close family member passed away, I got the worst haircut ever – what is the universe trying to tell me? He told me: The universe is telling you to Slow Down! My wriend has a point. By the end of June, I had flown 120,000 miles all around the world. I’m shocked that it’s mid-July […]