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Strategic marketing is more than a data sheet here and an event there; it’s taking a holistic view and doing the right things to reach your customers. Too often, companies employ activities that don’t coordinate well or build upon each other which, in turn, doesn’t optimize marketing spend or resources.

The customer is #1! You are either attracting, retaining, or up-selling. With a strategic GTM plan, your activities will get your message in the right place to produce short-term and long-term results that will take your business where it needs to be!

Partners, OEMs, & Alliances

Partnerships are more and more important to create an environment that allows you to expand your breadth and reach farther than you can do with your direct sales force.

Working with partners takes special skills; understanding their needs and building a trusting relationship are key. McMahon Consulting has significant experience enabling the partner channel – OEM, channel partner, or technology partner. We talk with you, we talk with them, and we then figure out how to leverage you to drive business in that route-to-market.

Solution / Product Launch

Whether you are launching a new company, a business unit, a specific product, or moving into a new vertical market the goals are the same: awareness, demand, and customer success. Launching is not a one-time activity, it grows and builds upon itself. Planned correctly, a good launch can produce results that get your message where it needs to be and demonstrate your expertise.

Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement is about getting your team ready to sell. It’s a methodology – they know where you win, why you win, and how to beat the competition.

Prepare the team, create awareness, and generate demand. Then, your team is ready to go!

Marketing Programs


Marketing programs enable your team to increase awareness and generate demand for your business and products. Well designed programs that interact and build upon each other keep that awareness and demand of your product growing.

What does your business need to grow? Well, it depends on your GTM plan and targets. McMahon Consulting has developed integrated marketing programs for many types of businesses to reach many types of customers. We develop a plan specific for you to help reach your market and grow!


Knowing your customer and your value to the customer produces powerful messaging. With good messaging, your audience will understand how your product or service helps THEM. So much messaging out there is “me-me-me”. No one want to hear about “me”, they want to know what will help THEM achieve their goals and objectives. It’s talking about your product with meaning – in terms the customer gets – that will give them the “a-ha” moment.

Knowledge produces good messaging: know your customers, the product, the market, and where you win. Good messaging will then flow out of that.

Content and Collateral


Good content is the difference between a lengthy stay on your website and a nano-second click away from moving on to something else. If your content is not compelling and addressing (what your prospects are looking for), the click away is almost inevitable.

You don’t need a lot of content, you just need the right content. That’s where a sound content strategy comes in. The majority of research is done before the prospect calls. Give them the information they need so that they call YOU!


Events are fun, necessary, and take a lot of work and knowledge. Many organizations don’t have the time or knowledge to pull off a successful event. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to execute on the things needed to make your event a success and memorable for your customers.

Using a consultative approach, we work with you to identify your goals for the event. Our outside-your-org insight and innovative ideas are targeted to your goals. Awareness, drive interaction, demand generation – McMahon Consulting can help you make that happen.

Web, Branding, Graphics

Your brand is YOU. It’s your image and represents who you are. Creating a web and branding strategy that supports who you are will ensure that you are remembered by customers and prospects.

McMahon Consulting has a team of designers to produce the graphics and web presence you need to drive your business.

PR, Analysts, Social

Public relations, analysts, social media – these are growing outlets to support your brand and get out your message.

McMahon Consulting has the contacts, knowledge, and experience to execute on these elements to your overall marketing strategy.


What good is strategy without implementing?! Nearly 100% of the time, we are implementing the strategy or deliverables that we’ve designed. Using our project management skills and tracking tools, anyone related to the project will know what needs to be done and the current status. That’s just plain worry-free marketing!