Customer Service – Yes, it’s as simple as a smile.

Customer Service

Customer Service – Yes, it’s as simple as a smile.

Customer service, communication, human courtesy, manners. Should they not all go hand in hand? My answer is yes! I was raised with the edict of using your manners…please, thank you, hold the door open for others. Are manners gone?

I think the same is true for communication and customer service. A frustrating event happened to me which got me thinking about this blog. I was having some work done at my house, and the company never showed up. They didn’t even call to say they wouldn’t make it.  I had to initiate the phones calls to determine why the repairman didn’t show up at the time they said they would, and then I got excuses.  Excuses!!!

Being good at what you do, be it sales, marketing, retail, restaurants, is linked to customer service. Do you return emails and phone calls?  Do you greet people at the door?  Thank them for coming in?

Communication; the simple act of using nice words in a nice tone of voice. Will that get the customer to come back in or the client to call or recommend your company? I believe it will. It shows them that you care. That their business is important enough to you to continue to use your services. That you will go that extra mile to help them achieve results. That their satisfaction is key.

Is it as simple as responding to an email?

Is it as simple as returning a phone call?

Is it as simple as saying ‘thank you’?

Sometimes, all it might take is ‘I got your email, and will start looking into your request’ or ‘thanks for the information, that was helpful’. Not returning calls, emails, no thank you for stopping by, is basically saying ‘your business is not that important to me’.

In today’s fast-paced environment, where we are all on the go, we need to not lose sight of the art of communication. Just letting someone know that you care, that their business needs are as important to you as it is to them. It could be the difference between keeping the client and even getting new ones. And with good communication and customer service, comes good word of mouth recommendations. We all want to work with people or go to places that provide good, competent, and friendly service.

We are all busy and trying to find the balance of work and free time. But I believe, and will continue to believe, that taking the time to communicate, saying thank you, responding to an email, returning a phone call, will benefit you and your company. Yes, I care.  Yes, your business is important to me.  Saying ‘thank you’ will go a long way! Thank you for reading and have a nice day!!!

About the author: Kim McMahon has done sales and marketing for more years than she cares to count. She writes frequently on marketing, life, the world and how they sometimes all come together.

Chris loves marketing because it gives her the opportunity to use both her creative and analytical skills to help clients expand and grow their business. She writes on marketing topics, often inspired by her furry children Chet, Tucke