Do you “Resolution”? Instead #JustStartToday


Do you “Resolution”? Instead #JustStartToday

The turn to the New Year prompts a common practice of making a resolution for the upcoming year.  A common topic this time of year – “What is your New Years Resolution?” My answer – “NONE”.

It’s not because I’m not driven or have a lack of imagination. I just don’t do resolutions when the calendar changes one or two numbers in the year. I don’t believe that a change in the calendar is something to wait for in order to start something new in my life.

I did a quick Google search this morning on “do you do New Years resolutions”. Eight of the twelve results were articles on failing on resolutions! One of the articles listed percentages of people who kept their resolution – 43% didn’t make it a month and 86% didn’t keep their resolution through the year! 36% didn’t plan any resolutions – so doing some simple math – a little over one in two people you pass on the street (55%) have failed in their resolution.

I do not need to add anything to my life that is negative or with this high of a fail rate. Plus, I believe that continuous improvement, however big or small, is a better practice that keeps me focused and motivated. So instead of making a resolution or talking about resolutions, I’m promoting the #JustStartToday campaign.

    1. If there is something I (or you!) want to change in your life, skip the ‘milestone’ date and just make the change! #JustStartToday!
    2. A common failing in resolutions is to think so grand that they are unmanageable. If we use the #JustStartToday philosophy, we can choose one thing. We can add that ‘another-thing’ later.
    3. The common exercise-more, eat-better, and drink-more-water resolutions – that should be part of our everyday life! I start everyday with this goal and with the #JustStartToday mantra in mind this has become a way of life for me.
    4. There are occasions I don’t exercise-more, eat-better, and drink-more-water. But if I have those yummy fries at lunch as a treat, with #JustStartToday I’m back on my goals after lunch.
    5. #JustStartToday – it’s so positive and motivating!

What is your #JustStartToday goal? Share your ideas and successes!

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About the author: Kim McMahon has done sales and marketing for more years than she cares to count. She writes frequently on marketing, life, the world and how they sometimes all come together.