How Do I Look?


How Do I Look?

Mirrors are wonderful things. Most people would think that their only function is to see their own reflection. Get up in the morning, shower, get ready for work and check your appearance in the mirror. Make sure what’s reflecting back is acceptable and presentable. Are there hairs out of place, is our tie askew or straight, was coffee dripped down a clean white shirt? All of these things we check. But there are other images that we can see in mirrors. Getting a baby to look at their reflection and get a good laugh, using a mirror to see around a blind corner, or even looking deep into ourselves to find a cause and purpose as to why we do what we do. First impressions, or a first image, play a key role in what clients see at the beginning.

Does it start with our website?

How does our LinkedIn page look?

Are our Twitter feeds good and positive?

Will any of these start the phone ringing? These are all images or ‘mirrors’ into who we are and what we are trying to portray.

People want to look their best in most situations. In business, we want to put our best foot forward. It’s not just knowing the clients product inside and out, it is also creating a connection and finding an image that will help them sell their product, whether it be to increase sales, or generate interest. How our website looks, what information is displayed, how it is presented is a direct reflection on their company. How do we as marketers help companies with their image? It isn’t necessarily a total overhaul of their website, or criticizing the content, sometime it is helping them to better organize the information that they want to display. It is giving pointers as to how best to display the information. Jazz it up, tone it down, give more information, display more pictures or graphics to get the message across…images.

Is imaging all that important????

Positive image goes a long way. Present yourself in a positive image, the prospect will be more likely to use your services. It’s not just how you look, as you checked your appearance before leaving your home. Do you ‘dress for success’ or wear your jeans and t-shirt to a big meeting with CEO’s or CIO’s? If you’re meeting with a company that sells outdoor gear, then maybe yes, jeans might be appropriate. But is that the image you want to project to the company…a totally laid back attitude? Do you want your website to show you having a lot of fun, and not taking your job seriously? There needs to be a good mix showing you are serious about what you do, you know what you are doing, but there is more to life than just work. Your image needs to shine through. You’re positive, confident, and knowledgeable and are willing to share your knowledge to help the client grow their business.

Look in the mirror. Do you like the reflection? Is there a way that I can present myself in a more positive light? This is our skill as marketers, helping companies find that positive image reflect in their website why they should use them instead of someone else. Sharing on LinkedIn an image that says…use us, look what we can do for you! Let a positive image reflect back at you and your company. And don’t forget, make sure the image you are looking at smiles back at you!  😛



About the author:
Chris loves marketing because it gives her the opportunity to use both her creative and analytical skills to help clients expand and grow their business. She writes on marketing topics, often inspired by her furry children Chet, Tucker, and Wiley.