#JustStartToday: Twitter Quick Starts

#JustStartToday Twitter

#JustStartToday: Twitter Quick Starts

Twitter – The “Micro Blog” platform. With Twitter, you can easily share, post updates, and let your personality show. I find Twitter to be more personal and a platform to develop social media ‘friendships’.

Why use Twitter? – It’s used by both businesses and people to share content and build your brand. In this blog, we’ll talk about the maintenance of your existing Twitter account. Following these five steps below, you will easily #JustStartToday.

Number 1
Tools:  Use a tool to manage your Twitter activity. A tool helps you manage your content, schedule your tweets, and interactions and engagements. It’s much easier using a tool than trying to manage in your Twitter browser. I use TweetDeck, but there are others such as Hubspot, Buffer, or Hootsuite. I’m not making an opinion on what is the best tool – there are plenty of blogs on that given author’s opinion of the ‘best tool’. The important thing – just choose a tool.

Number 2
I have set up my TweetDeck with multiple columns to see just the content I want to see.

  • Lists: I have multiple lists and added specific Twitter handles to those lists. For me, I have a list for HPC, Storage, Marketing, News Sources, and Personal. This helps me get through the “noise” you can experience on Twitter and see content from my list of influencers.
  • I have a User column for each Twitter account I manage. It makes it easy to see the tweets from that User and share from any of the social media accounts I manage.
  • I have a Notification and Messages column for each Twitter handle I manage. With these columns, I can easily see the engagement with that Twitter account.
  • I have set up a couple # columns. This is particularly helpful for an event or tradeshow to monitor the tweets using that #.

Number 3
I open up my TweetDeck and I start reviewing my columns.

    • I start with the Messages – I want to respond to these promptly.
    • Next are Notifications:
      • New followers: I review to see if I want to follow them back or add them to a list. I also note them for my Friday Thank-You Tweet (see Number 5 below)
      • Likes, retweets, or comments: I review for possible engagement (commenting to them) and also note them for my Friday Thank-You Tweet.
    • Now I either review my # columns or my List columns, or both. If I’m at a trade show or event, I’m reviewing that # column! I am looking for interesting content to share with my followers.

Number 4
I have identified the content and I’m ready to share.

  • Like: Click the heart
  • Share: Click the two arrows. You can Retweet or Quote Tweet
    • Retweet: Immediately posts to your Twitter
    • Quote Tweet: Add a comment and/or schedule a time for your Tweet.
  • Reply: Click on the single arrow. This will allow you to send a note directly to the person that composed the tweet
  • There are more options when you click on the three dots. For now, since we are working on #JustStartToday, we’ll save those actions for a future blog.

Number 5
To recognize or not to recognize your engagers on Twitter. I do try to recognize my new followers and top engagers. Why? I appreciate they have taken the time to follow me or share my content and I want to thank them. My practice, I do this on a Friday morning. There is no special reason other than I like Fridays for this type of thing.

The tweet is simple: “Thank you to my new followers. @xxxx @xxxx”. Add a “have a nice weekend” or similar comment. Compose as many tweets as you need to recognize your followers.

Number 6
How much time do you spend on Twitter a day? That is totally up to you. I find it’s best to spend 10-15 minutes a couple of times a day. I know I miss some tweets and interesting content, but that is ok for me. I, like most of you I expect, don’t have all day to spend on Twitter!

The important thing, #JustStartToday and do something. You not only will learn something, but start to build your brand and reputation to your followers.

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About the author: Kim McMahon has done sales and marketing for more years than she cares to count. She writes frequently on marketing, life, the world and how they sometimes all come together.