Marketing Messaging and Steve Jobs – What do these have in common?


Marketing Messaging and Steve Jobs – What do these have in common?

I saw this Steve Jobs quote on my LinkedIn feed:

 “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.”

This quote really resonates with me. I work with many technology companies who developed some really exciting and game-changing products and solutions. They believe they are developing their product or solution to deliver a better customer experience, and they often do, but where they don’t succeed as best they could is talking about their product or solution in a way the customer or prospect will understand the value. That is where I come in.

Marketing is not just PR or trade shows – it’s much more than that.

When you are working with a good marketing person, they understand your technology, know the market, and work with you to craft a message that is understandable to your target market. This is the first step – writing messaging that takes your technology and talks about how it benefits users. The product benefits often cross a wide range of the company from the IT admin to C-level office. The messaging must show the benefit in business terms, such as savings or faster , and tailored to the audience’s pain points.

This is not the products features or technical specs, it’s WHAT the product does that solves the customer’s issues. I have a saying I use often and it is true!

All our customers want is everything to work so they can get out of the office and home in time for dinner – before their kids forget who they are and the dog doesn’t recognize them.



If you can talk about your product or solution in a way that makes the customer’s life better, your messaging has succeeded.

There is a lot of cool technology. It’s born from the ideas of really smart people. Don’t skimp and not engage a marketing person who will help you talk about your product so customers and prospects understand the benefits.

Next – we’ll talk about how we use that messaging to take the company and product to market. A future blog!

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