Off to Supercomputing 15 and the Top 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To

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Off to Supercomputing 15 and the Top 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To

Here we are again, finalizing our plans before we all take off for Austin. The Supercomputing show is one of my favorite shows of the year. In the tradition I started last year, here are the Top 10 things I am looking forward to as I spend my week in Austin. As for the Top 10 Things I like Best about SC15 – you’ll have to wait until Friday!

  1. StartupHPC: They did a workshop at SC14 in New Orleans and are continuing the tradition at SC15 with their workshop on Monday. This group is on a mission to inspire STEM and HPC entrepreneurs to get out there and innovate. I am very excited to be a speaker on Digital Marketing: Essentials in Engagement at 11:40am.
  2. The HPCwire Readers’ Choice Awards: Each year HPCwire gives out awards, determined by the readers and the editors, to recognize the most outstanding individuals and organizations in the industry. When this gets announced on Monday evening, take the time to add the winners to your list of booths to see. You will not be disappointed.
  3. Women in HPC: This group was created with the vision of encouraging more diversity in the HPC community. They have a BoF, speaking engagements, a booth, and a workshop on Friday, where I will be leading a panel discussion on Careers in HPC. This is a passionate group of folks and you need to put them on your list of people to meet at SC15.
  4. The Parties: I don’t know if the list of parties is growing or if I just know more people. Intel, Intersect360 Research, DDN, Beowulf Bash, Bright, Nimbix, HP, SGI, Data Vortex, The Next Platform, Mellanox – those are just the events on my calendar.
  5. Technology: What is SC without taking a look at new technology? What disruptive HPC technologies will lead to #HPCTransforms? (And thank you SC15 for that #.) So, here are my 5 and 6:
    • Bridging HPC and Big Data: Lots of data + fast compute and interconnect = some really cool things that can be done with the data. For example, smart cities that are not only giving me information but predicting with scary accuracy things like how long it takes to drive from point to point. Or maybe how IoT will affect me and is the data gathered valuable to me. And how does Netflix know the next movie I want to watch – things like that.
    • Storage: But of course! How do the recent acquisitions change the storage landscape that supports this industry? What messages will we hear from the storage players? What will the audience gravitate towards?
    • How about ARM and Lustre?
    • Ok – I listed three technologies, but I’m only going to use two in my Top Ten!
    • The HPC Community: This group of people comes together year after year. We have like interests. We want to learn and grow. I like being around people like that, don’t you?
    • Friends: This show is like a good high-school reunion – not like a real high-school reunion where people are still clique-y and that one popular girl is still mean to everyone. You walk the show floor and see friends from years ago as well as the friend you made last year. And it’s so fun to catch up!
    • Austin: Wow – Austin. The home to some technology power-houses as well as great food, music, and drink. I will be experiencing all 4 during my week in Austin. I have my favorites (for food) listed and I can’t wait!
    • Energy: Most of us are riding in on fumes from the crazy work hours required to get ready for the show. I am holding tight to every bit of energy I have, knowing that this is a once a year event and that there is a holiday around the corner when I’ll get to vacation. To a great location.

with me what you are most looking forward to this year. I don’t want to miss something cool! I am looking forward to seeing you all at the show!
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