Tailor Your Content for Partners? Whaaaat? Yes!

10_0711 Conner and Sam

Tailor Your Content for Partners? Whaaaat? Yes!

There are many areas of marketing to enable your partner, OEM, reseller, distributor, or technology partner channel.  In this article, I’ll go into more detail on the benefits of partner-izing Content.

As a reminder – the categories are:

  1. Strong Messaging
  2. Content
  3. Demand Generation
  4. Access to material
  5. Importance of relationships

We all need content and collateral. You don’t need a lot of content, just the right content. Articulate your value proposition in a well-written and concise text, then produce the content needed for your web, data sheet, and other high-value collateral you use in your revenue generating activities.

If you use good content to sell and promote your product, your partners need this content too. We can give them our content and let them adjust it as they would like but there are two problems with this. First, they don’t know your product as well as you do and they may miss highlighting an important feature or benefit of the product. Second, their lack of time to create content to sell YOUR product.

An example: I was working with a partner to produce marketing materials for an upcoming product launch of our product. There was a differentiating feature in this launch we felt was important to highlight. The partner didn’t see the value and wouldn’t include information on this feature in their content. I re-wrote some content for them highlighting the feature, the business issue it solves, and why a customer would want this feature. Once they saw this draft of the content (and many conversations discussing this feature!), they understood the benefit and we had a successful campaign promoting this feature as part of the launch.

Adjusting your content for your partner does not need to be a huge task. You should first understand your partner’s product lines and their target markets; this will assist with you adjusting your content so it is relevant to your partner. Then, it’s just writing portions of your content to fit your partner’s specific focus. You shouldn’t re-write your full content piece, just adjust the sections that need adjusting.

Using the example above of adding the differentiating feature to my partner’s content, I took their existing data sheet and updated the section on data protection. I also added some verbiage at the beginning of the data sheet to highlight this feature. That was it and it took maybe 30 minutes.

On the second point, partners have a lot of noise. There are many vendors vying for their attention. The easier you make it for them to sell your product, the more apt they are to sell your product and not another partners. At the end of the day, it’s about the easiest path to making money. So, make it easy for them!

Creating partner-ized content isn’t a huge task and it can reap benefits with both the quality of content and ease to your partner. Try it. If you find this is more work than you expected, lets discuss; there are some small tweaks we can make in your process to make it easier for you.