Top 10 reasons I love HPC and the SC conference


Top 10 reasons I love HPC and the SC conference

This week is the annual supercomputing conference, this year held in New Orleans. I put together my Top 10 reasons I love the HPC industry and this show.

  1. The show is a reunion of old friends
    You can’t walk the show floor without seeing a friend from either years ago or one you made last year. A friend in HPC is a friend forever.
  2. But you always make new friends
    New people come in and we all instantly welcome them. We all have like interests and the conversations are so interesting and thought provoking!
  3. The technology new and old is consistently compelling
    It is always testing the limits of what computing, storage, and infrastructure can do. What industry really does that consistently year after year?!
  4. It’s a community
    Its a community of people who come together with like interests. We want to learn and grow, together.
  5. Once HPC, always HPC.
    I started in HPC in 1999, my first SC show was in 2000 and I’ve been coming to the shows consistently ever since. I’ve seen the technology change and grow in the last 15 years and it never gets boring.
  6. We support each other
    My work and volunteer activities in this industry is met with equal help and support. And I’ve seen that throughout the industry, with companies and organizations. Co-opetition (cooperation and competition combined) comes to mind. We compete, but we also cooperate, brainstorm, and find ways to help each other.
  7. The parties – oh the parties!
    You have the events you don’t miss every year (Intersect360 Research, Beowulf Bash, Bright, Mellanox, Intel, IBM/Platform, SGI, Cray) and the new parties (Nimbix). All great events! (I’m sure I missed some in my list – there are only so many hours in an evening!)
  8. Locations of SC14
    Who doesn’t love the going to New Orleans, Austin, Seattle, Denver, and Salt Lake City!
  9. HPC gets into your blood and gets under your skin.
    I’ve heard this comment over and over. You have to admit, once you have started in HPC its hard to leave it behind.
  10. You go home so tired and have Thanksgiving to recover.
    But a good tired and with a smile on your face.

What are your reasons for loving this industry and show? I’d love to hear your perspective!

Now, go home, rest, and see you all next year in Austin. Or see you in Frankfurt for ISC!

About the author: Kim McMahon has done sales and marketing for more years than she cares to count. She writes frequently on marketing, life, the world and how they sometimes all come together.