Top 10 Things I Liked about ISC15


The Top 10 Things I Liked about ISC15

Hello, All! My long overdue post on the Top 10 Things I liked about IS15. Work, life, and health got in the way after the conference. I am caught up and ready to remember the good times in Frankfurt by listing my Top 10.

  1. Women in HPC Workshop on Thursday afternoon
    Now it’s not just because I was on one of the panels. It was a really good workshop! The technical presentations were very interesting. The lively discussion on diversity in HPC not only opened my eyes, but it also has opened up a lot of questions. I look forward to the continued discussion!
  2. Catching up
    I didn’t know Terry worked for HP now (great to see you!). Or that Paul was changing jobs, or that Mark was now at Dot Hill. I guess LinkedIn updates are not keeping me up to date. Great to see you all!
  3. New friends
    I know I am at risk for missing someone, but I will still name a few names: Toni, Alison, Nages, Anna, Patricia, Wendy, Brian. We had talked via email, but hadn’t gotten to know each other face-to-face. We had some great conversations and laughs at the Executive Lounge in the Marriott!
  4. Technologies
    I didn’t have much time to see booths other than my customer’s booths, so my opinion here may be a little skewed. But did you see the Smart City demo in Numascale’s booth? Great use of Big Data and compute power. NICE Software always shows great demos of modeling and simulation in the cloud – yes you can collaborate remotely in real-time!
  5. Attendees
    Congratulations ISC on breaking a record on the number of attendees!
  6. Presentations
    I was actively tweeting from Analyst Crossfire and Vendor Showdown. Lots of great sound bites. One of my favorites from Barry Bolding – “Everyone needs a Cray”. (Maybe you had to be there…)
  7. Parties
    I was a party-pooper this year opting for visiting with old and new friends. But there is one that I didn’t miss – its great at every ISC and SC – Beers-on-Bright.
  8. My Roomie
    As many of you know Lara and I are great friends, colleagues, partners, and marketers for this industry. After a long day of meetings, networking, and working, we still have the energy to chat and catch up. It’s a great way to end the day!
  9. Germany – Did not Disappoint!
    The food, old town, the weather, walking around. It was very nice.
  10. On beyond Germany.
    I visited Paris, Milan, and London before coming home. Great times, lots of pictures, and great food and wine!

As always, I want to hear your favorites. Feel free to add a comment on the LinkedIn post, on my website, or Twitter.

See you all in Austin!

About the author: Kim McMahon has done sales and marketing for more years than she cares to count. She writes frequently on marketing, life, the world and how they sometimes all come together.